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Andrea Derani

Fine Arts and Sculpture



Andrea Derani - Artist
Andrea Derani - Artist

Photo credit: Rogério Voltan

ndréa is a Brazilian watercolorist and sculptor who portrays her relationship with the body and nature in her work. This narrative appears in a scenario full of symbolism where archetypal figures interact with mythology, philosophy and religiosity in an almost obsessive search for origin, not only in the sense of life on earth, but as a place to belong and value. “Where do I live, how do I interact and why?” The question is repeated in each series of work, however the answer is sought in different beliefs and cultures and then narrated by the same character in a different guise. “I am and will always be me portraying myself in my work, a portrait of me at that moment, but which continues in movement and, therefore, always changing.”


1995 – Graduated in Law, for 20 years has worked in the area of ​​Environmental Law applied to Brazilian Biodiversity.

2022 – Graduated in Art Therapy from Instituto Sedes Sapientiai.

In the last 7 years has dedicated himself exclusively to art.

Exhibitions and Fairs

2023 – September, 6 – 10,  SWISSARTEXPO, Zurich.


oil on canvas